Climbing Hua Shan 华山

Climbing Hua Shan

Today I will be climbing Hua Shan so I thought I’d publish some of the “prep” work before I go. So, check it out!


There are 5 sacred mountains in China: Tai Shan, Huan Shan, Heng Shan (Hunan), Heng Shan (Shanxi), and Song Shan.

Hua Shan is located 120 km east of Xi’an and you can get there by bus or bullet train (whichever you prefer). Although, the bus is super slow and prone to cause headaches.

The bullet train from Xi’an North Station (take the Line 2 (Red Line) all the way north to Bei Ke Zhan, you’ll find it) is much faster and gets you to Hua Shan North station in just over 20 minutes (and no headache). Thus, it’s really the best choice (its just $10 CAD).

The highest peak reaches 2154 m in the sky and if you decide to climb from the bottom, well, its a hell of a climb. By the way, I would recommend bringing heaps of food and water to stay alive.

Last thing, I’m climbing in the offseason which makes it much cheaper and much colder. If you can, bring some warm clothes, a thermos with warm water, or a cute girl with a warm body to cuddle from time to time along the climb up!

Anyway, for anyone thinking about climbing Hua Shan, here’s an overview of the prices and the amount I paid for my trip.



  • Zhong Lou to Bei Ke Zhan
Bullet Train Ticket

  • Xi’an North Station to Hua Shan North Station

  • Speed: Up to 300+ km/h
54.5 RMB
Bus Ticket

  • Xi’an North Station to Hua Shan North Station

  • Speed: Slow AF
40 RMB
Shuttle Bus

  • Hua Shan North Station to Hua Shan Entry

  • Hua Shan North Station to Hua Shan Entry
20 to 30 RMB*
Entry Ticket to Mt. Hua Shan

  • High Season (Mar to Dec)

  • Low Season (Jan to Mar)
180 RMB

100 RMB
Cable Car

  • East Gate of Hua Shan
120 RMB
Return Bullet Train to Xi’an

  • Hua Shan North Station to Xi’an Railway Station
54.5 RMB
Return Bus to Xi’an

  • Hua Shan North Station to Xi’an Railway Station
40 RMB

  • Chocolate bar with nuts

  • Bag of peanuts (100g)

  • Vita Soy Chocolate Flavor


3.5 RMB
2L Bottle of Water***

  • Purchased in Xi’an

  • Purchased at Hua Shan
10 RMB

25+ RMB
Refill Water for Bottles

  • Look for these at train stations
Package of Tissues

  • For ass/genital wiping + nose blowing
My Personal Total352 RMB ($69 CAD)


* The taxi drivers may try to hustle you for more so, you should keep a crisp 20 in hand. Also, don’t budge when they ask for more. Otherwise, take the shuttle bus. It’s free and takes only 10 minutes to get to the front entrance where you can buy your ticket.

** You should definitely bring more food than this because I was half starved by the time I reached the halfway point. However, I was lucky enough to meet a Chinese climber who shared 3 slices of bread with me. That saved my life, I swear!

*** You should probably bring about 3 L of water. I had a 1 L Nalgene Bottle (Want one? CLICK HERE to get one online) and a 2 L bottle from a convenient store in Xi’an that fit perfectly in my pack.

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