Define my milestones

Define My Milestones

Welcome to Part 5 of 10 of the Milestone Map (PDF). I’m going to jump right into it. Ready?

My Goal: Start My Own Private English Teaching

This is not my current goal. It was a goal I made for myself in 2015. If you want to read the full details, go back to Decide my goals.

So, I became a private English teacher. I spent the first year studying more English than I did Japanese. And, there was a purpose for that.

You see, I had well-defined milestones I aimed to achieve in order to grow my business.

Those were…

MILESTONE #1:Find 10 students (any age) that want private lessons
MILESTONE #2:Scale my business to 45 students in 3 months
MILESTONE #3:Start a summer program for kids teaching 2 to 3 groups of 10+ students each
MILESTONE #4:Save $2000 CAD per month
MILESTONE #5:Earn at least $4000 CAD per month
MILESTONE #6:Design a custom program for a private school and sell them the rights

In all honesty, my milestone map didn’t look like this. Instead, I focused on key segments and hacked away at those.

For example, my financial goals looked like this:

MILESTONE #1:Earn $500 CAD per month
MILESTONE #2:Earn $1000 CAD per month
MILESTONE #3:Earn $1500 CAD per month
MILESTONE #4:Earn $2000 CAD per month
MILESTONE #5:Earn $2500 CAD per month
MILESTONE #6:Earn $3000 CAD per month
MILESTONE #7:Earn $5000 CAD per month
MILESTONE #8:Earn $7500 CAD per month

Then, I created various other milestones as I understood my business and my positioning better. For example, as the year progressed, I defined my milestones for season events and marketing activities:

MILESTONE #1:Host monthly social events for business class students
MILESTONE #2:Host a summer English activity program for middle school and high school students
MILESTONE #3:Host a Christmas event dedicated to students
MILESTONE #4:Host monthly activities related to art and conversation

As I laid out my milestones, I found myself more motivated to wake up, work on my business, and try to achieve these incremental steps toward my success.

Sometimes were easier than others. For example, I would get lucky and introduced to 10+ new students when another local teacher decided to move to Tokyo.

Other weeks, my marketing was just off the mark and I couldn’t break through to people.

The first few months were the most challenging, yet, these milestones put my overall goal into perspective so I could give myself direction even during moments when I felt totally lost.

Anyway, I’m not going to reveal much more about my English teaching experience now, so, stay tuned for parts 07 and 09 to learn more!

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