Full Disclosure

Last Updated: 14.01.2019

The stories and experiences you read on this website are uniquely my own.

I do not receive compensation for the thoughts, ideas, and opinions expressed on this website. However, if you happen to be feeling very kind and generous today, you are more than welcome to send a donation of any size to help support my writing, my life, and the ongoing growth of this website (jefvanderaaf.com).

(I can provide you with a tax receipt if you request one)

This website contains affiliate links to products, books, and/or services which I have used and trust as well as can personally vouch to you, my future children, and anyone else who may find purpose, fulfillment and any thing else I should include here in their lives. With these affiliate links, when you click them and decide to make a purchase from a third party, I may receive a commission. It does not cost you extra to use these links. They are disclosed simply so you can understand how I survive as a writer.

I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide me with a means to earn a living by linking to Amazon.ca and affiliated sites.

If you are reading this, I intend to be 100% transparent with you about the way I try to earn a living through this website. And, to be fair, if you are not satisfied with the ways I choose to earn my living, I would kindly ask you to stop visiting my website.

With all this being said, or more technically, written online, I will assume you are O.K. with everything happening on my website so far.

Well, its time I go back to my writing and traveling so I hope you enjoy your reading and wherever you are right now, I wish you much success in your life endeavors.

Jef van de Graaf
Canadian Copywriter & World Traveler

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