In a flight

In a flight

You wake up and feel pressured to shit, shave, and shower in a single instance so you can plan, pack, and prepare your route to the airport.

You look at the time and quickly give up trying to organize everything in your luggage and frantically pack your bags to catch whatever transit available to the airport.

You have a quick chat with the staff while checking out and they advise taking the bus is the most convenient option.

You thank him/her then run out the door, down the street, to a sketchy looking location that doesn’t appear to be a bus stop.

You are harassed, street hustlers are tempting you to choose a taxi to an airport at a stiff and expensive price.

You waver on your decision and pull out a crisp bill of the highest denomination to pay a taxi driver to take you to the airport but a bus pulls at the very last second.

You immediately forget about the taxi and decide the bus would be better, maybe.

You buy a ticket.

You chuck your luggage in the under carriage.

You board.

You depart.

You get jostled around in your bus set and stare vehemently at every red light and momentary pause in traffic.

You glance ahead and see a long line and the highway toll gate and pray the bus will plow right through.

You arrive at the airport but its not the right terminal.

You run inside and ask a series of questions in a language the local authorities don’t understand.

You curse and, unfortunately, the local authorities understand that one word you shouldn’t have said so they immediately stop trying to assist you.

You give up on asking and decide to find another way to the other terminal by making your previous prayers come true and plowing through the crowds to get there in half the time as you normally would.

You hear the last call for boarding over the P.A. but you still haven’t figured out which check in counter to go to.

You run and make an ass of yourself cutting lines that have a TV screen displaying a company logo of an airline that’s not your own.

You get lucky and meet a receptionist who can speak your language so they tell you to go to section L to check in.

You make it with a minute to spare and a couple others still in line.

You stand anxiously to check your luggage and grab your boarding pass while thinking time will never end.

You idiotically left a lithium battery in your checked baggage and you get flagged by security to remove.

You dig to the bottom of your bag, pull out the battery, then return to the reception counter to check in your bag once again.

You receive your boarding pass and passport.

You rush and weave like a professional football star trying to bypass the masses to get as close to the security check before anyone else.

You remove your bag.

You empty your pockets.

You get groped for just a couple seconds (and you kind of like it).

You pass security with with no issues.

You jump on the flat escalator and zip as quickly as your little legs can to your boarding gate.

You see the number in the distance.

You get closer.

You noticed the screen for your boarding time.

You get even closer.

You are start to comprehend the blurry pixels.

You can see it.

You have a delayed flight.

You wait for another 3 hours.

You board your flight.

You fly.

What a world, a world of worries. Hope you have happy travels.

Jef van de Graaf
Canadian Copywriter & World Traveler
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