Lovely little lies

Lovely little lies

Oh joy! A reader has arrived. And, I believe, you must be the kind who enjoys lovely little lies.

Because, let’s be honest, why else would you be here right now?

Anyway, I’m so glad you stopped because today I’m taking a break from my regular style of writing to focus entirely on the topic of lies.

Let’s hope I don’t digress too far from the “truth” as I might have done yesterday

Why Do You Lie?

That’s right. I started this off by accusing you of being a liar.

You. My reader. A lovely little liar.

You can fight back. Or try. If you do, there’s a comment section below. Go there to share your lies.

But I have to be fair. If you try to prove your innocence here — I don’t mind, I don’t judge, in fact, I don’t even care.

Because that’s how the world is, we’re surrounded by lies.

The government lies.

The media lies.

The weather reporter lies ( no wait, he doesn’t, he’s just doing his job…).

Anyway, the fact is, EVERYBODY lies.

It starts at a young age. Children learn to use lies to avoid punishment, to obtain rewards, and, unfortunately, to follow the forbidden path of delinquency.

You might say it’s not their fault, you know, for the delinquent, sociopathic liars. They were born in an environment where lies we needed just to stay alive. Or, it was genetic and they were born with this trait. Or, they are the devil in disguise sent to ruin us all.

Hang on…

I said I wasn’t going to get side-tracked. Where was I? Oh right… Lying.

When I was a child, I used to lie.

I do admit, I was a delinquent little devil that mastered his mouth with a snake’s tongue to avoid punishment and to obtain rewards.

But. I stopped.

As I grew up, my lovely little lies become a lot less lovely.

For example, as I stuffed my mind with logic and facts and figures and fortune, I lost my appetite to pursue pathological abilities that could track each of my lies.

I because worried that I would get caught. Found out. Openly accused and physically abused for using a lie or two or three or wait, which lie should say?

I learned from the past behavior. I forcibly chose to change the way I manipulate words and now, my world has never been the same.

It’s the truth.

And, as they say, the truth will set you free.

But you. Yes. You. Why do you lie?

That might be a very personal question. You might lie to yourself and try to tell me, “Oh Jef! Oh no! I’m an innocent thing!”

Oh please. Oh stop. Really. My sides are killing me.

There’s no face to save nor shame or harsh blame. You are who you are. And I am me.

Naturally, any combination of words can be invented then told to a person, with conviction, with logic, with confidence, to achieve all kinds of goals, aspirations, ambitions, and ends.

Just look at the business world. How many times are lies used to close the sale, to make a profit, to take your money, to steal the deal!?

There may not be enough research to prove that statement, but my instincts are itching and say it has to be right.

Speaking of instincts…

Have you ever been lied but hoped its the truth?

I’m not talking about the times when you get a new hair cut or a buy a new outfit and deep down you know you look like an idiot yet all your friends and family say you look so fine.

I’m talking about the lies that make us take a leap of faith. Such as, when we meet a new partner and believe when they say, I will love you forever.

Do you know why we fall for those lies? I do.

It’s not because we’re vulnerable, like victims, abused by raw truths. No. It goes deeper than that. It something deep inside you.

We lie to ourselves and we hide from the truth. We wrap our lives in lies to avoid the abuse.

We find comfort in falsity and sleep through day.

Oh my, this is miserable. Let me write this a new way…

We don’t live in the land of the innocence. Just look at the bibles and the past prophets. They are constantly reminding us we are walking on a world filled with sin.

Damn that snake and its slippery tongue. Tricking a naked woman into purchasing an iPhone apple and giving us unfiltered access to 5G networks and an overabundance of mental numb.


Perhaps the bibles and prophets were just having fun.

Writing words like I do to teach lessons, share perspective, and make sense of….

Sorry. Time’s up. That’s all I’ll write and now I’ll stop.

Thanks for taking the time to read this random batch of thoughts. I don’t really think you’re a liar, (that’s a lie).

Jef van de Graaf
Canadian Copywriter & World Traveler
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