Out of gas

Out of gas

Have you ever had those days (I’m sure you have) when you just keep going and going and going — like the energizer bunny on speed?

How does this work? Why does this happen? Is this normal?

Yesterday, I woke up around 9 am; spent the afternoon at a cafe crushing a couple client projects until completion; returned to my apartment at 11 pm; stuffed my face with food because I didn’t eat all day; hacked away at my personal projects until 3 or 4 am; binge watched all 5 episodes of season 3, SAS: Dare Who Wins till the sun came up; jumped on the subway then grabbed a bus to explore the Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi’an from 10 am to 7 pm; returned to my apartment (again); found some mediocre beef noodle soup and ate it with remorse; and, until now, I’m back on the laptop doing some clickety-clacking at the keyboard.

Where is all this going…

Let’s get side tracked. Ready? 

When I was in university, I read a book called The Head Trip*. It was all about dreams and teaching yourself how to slip into a lucid dream each and every night.

Long story short, it f*cked me up.

I kept a dream journal beside my bed. Each morning I would wake up, write any dreams I could remember. Then, practice lucid dreaming techniques throughout the day.

I would turn the light switches on and off. Toss a coin in the air. Open books to flip the pages. And other random things while telling myself ‘I’m not dreaming!’

Yeah, I know! My life was a lot like Inception — except — the suave and sexy Mr. Leonardo Di Caprio never showed up in my dreams.


It was sometime during my midterms. I would study late into the evening at the University library then continue studying all throughout the night in my lucid dreams.

I had to pull the cord on my “dreaming exercises” when I was waking up in the morning watching scenes of Armageddon play outside my bedroom window on a daily basis.

Sh*t… I’m almost out of gas…

Today was a helluva day. I mean, these long days filled with action-packed copywriting performances and stone statue visitations that, I swear to G-d, one of those innate rocky bastards took a step off the block at the museum today, are much more enjoyable than my lunatic dreams from Uni.

But, I think I’m done for today. I’m completely out of gas. No more random thoughts about my past experiences. It’s time I catch some Zzz’s, because tomorrow, there’s much more clickety-clanking to be done.

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