Scary story

Scary Story

Wanna hear a scary story? Well, I’ve got a couple that might curl the hair on the back of your neck, cause you to piss your pants, and have you crawling back to your mother begging her to tell you it’s not real.

Scary Story #1: Shanghai Ghosts

It was a dark and gloomy day in Shanghai. I was staying in an old district, of some ancient home, and didn’t know a single soul in the city.

Each day, I would wander around the streets, find a cafe to do my work, then grab a bite to eat in the evening before returning to my place to sleep.

It was my second last day before I would be returning to Indonesia.

The night was quiet and I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned and my mind started wandering into dark and frightening things.

In a previous trip, I saw a bush catch on fire and a friend scream in fear. At the time, I started to feel more aggressive and angry. It was a weird experience (go to Scary Story #3).

For reasons I can’t explain, I started Googling things about ghosts and demons and spirits that could cause such a thing. I started reading first-hand stories about encounters with evil that frightened the hell right into me.

As I was browsing different websites, I started to notice some strange things happening.

At around 3:07 in the morning, there was a sudden crash in the kitchen. Pots and pans that were dangling from hooks were clanking as if a strong gust passed through. Scratching noises started screeching in all different places. Utensils sounded like they were dancing in the drawers.

Enveloped in fear, I did what my childhood self always did to stay safe: hide under the blankets.

The noises continued and my heart started to race.

What the fuck is going on?

To calm myself, I tried to call some friends and family back home. I turned on Google Hangouts to make some free phone calls. I started by dialing my parent’s number, and, ironically enough, their number when punched in is the symbol of the cross.

The phone rang and rang and just as it seemed like no one was going to pick up, someone (or something did).

I started to hear strange noises from the other end. The number did not connect with my family. Instead, I reached something far more sinister.

I listened in horror as chills consumed my entire body. When I tried to end the call my phone suddenly glitched. The touch function stopped working and the screen began flashing in ways I had never seen before.


The demonic little voices on the other end continued their soul-destroying speech as I tried to shut off the phone manually. Normally, it would take 5 seconds to turn off the found. This time, it took nearly a minute before the phone did a total freak out flashing in weird ways before becoming a black, blank device.

With the phone off, the noises finally ceased. I never slept that night and I could never figure out what happened.


Do you know what this could have been? Why did my phone malfunction? Were the noises in the kitchen because of a cat or something supernatural? Who (or what) were the voices when I tried to call home?

Write your thoughts below

Scary Story #2: The Shadow of Death

This scary story takes me back to a hitch-hiking trip in Canada. I was 22 at the time and extremely naive.

After struggling to hitch a ride out of Vancouver, I eventually found myself sitting on the side of the highway in Abbotsford.

I waited hours. Not a single ride wanted to pick me up. When I was ready to give up and find a place to camp out for the day, there was a young guy that walked to the on-ramp and started hitch-hiking also.

He was there for only a few minutes before a ride came by and picked him up. When we drove by, he looked out the window and wore a mocking smile on his face. He waved at me while I just sat their looking confused and distraught.

Luckily, it took just a few more minutes after that before I found myself in a car taking me to Chilliwack.

Let’s go through the series of events that followed as quickly as possible.

I go back to the girl’s place who offered a ride. She was a drug dealer with some potent pot. She hooked me up with a couple grams and I smoked a bowl before getting dropped off at the gas station.

At the gas station, I meet a slutty looking girl and a native guy both claiming to be hitch-hiking East. During this encounter a trucker walked by and also claimed to be heading East. We were all offered a ride together, we just had to wait until 3 am to head out. Feeling that this was a scam, I left to go to the bus station.

On my way to the bus station, I bumped into a crack head in the middle of a street. She kept screaming, “Do you have any Pin-Pan?” I questioned her and she screamed again, “Do you have any crystal meth?” I freaked out. Walked to an alley. Took out the couple grams of bud I had in my pocket and threw it in the trash.

At the bus station, I asked for the cheapest ride to the next city. For $20, I could go to a nearby city called Hope. I didn’t have $20 on me and I didn’t want to dig into my bag and pull out the $3500 I had from my jobs to pay for my last year at University. I tried to head into the bathroom to retrieve the cash but was followed in by a sketchy guy. I went straight to the sink to wash my hands and the sketch-bag stood at the pisser pretending to pee while watching me from the side of his eye. I ran out.

When I went to the side of the road, I made an attempt to hitch-hike out. Before this, 3 to 4 people all told me I could never hitch-hike out of the city. It was impossible when you come to Chilliwack, you stay in Chilliwack. And, to be completely honest, I totally see why. This Canadian city is a drug haven and in just a moment you’re going to meet the devil.

In the car park beside the highway, I watched a homeless drug addict rummage through all the garbage cans looking for food, money, and, most likely, drugs. At this time, I kept my bag under a street lamp while I stood a few dozen meters away to grab a car’s attention. While I was distracted by the homeless man making a mess in the car park, I heard a noise behind me where I left my bad.

When I turned to look, I saw someone with his hand going through the top pocket of my traveling bag. I yelled out, “Hey dude, what are you doing?” He stopped what he was doing then jumped on a little bike and began cycling my way. As he approached, I kept asking, “Hey man, how’s it going?” The guy didn’t say a word and continued to cycle. When we was passing by, his head slowly swiveled and his sunken eyes were empty and souless.

After the sketchy guy left, I returned to my bag and closed the top. I lifted the bag on my shoulders and that’s when I the devil appeared.

Back on the main road, directly under another street lamp, was a shadowy figure. It stood there and faced me and sent shivers down my spine the moment I made eye contact with it. I was frozen. Stiff as a board. Scared out of my mind.

The shadow-man then started walking toward the bridge that spanned over the Trans Canada Highway. When it reached the railing, the shadow-man lifted himself up onto the railing. Cars, trucks, and buses were speeding by, bu the shadow-man continued unaffected.

For the next few minutes, I watched in horror as the shadow-man began to walk across the railing of the bridge. Each step was like a playful balancing act trying to entice me to come over and give it a try.

There was a whisper in the wind.

Come with me. Do you want to do what I can do? Follow me.

I stayed under my street light and felt that this was the only safe place around. The shadow-walker made it all the way to the end of the bridge, he jumped down, then walked down toward the opposite side of highway. He stood there, watching me, enticing me, encouraging me to follow him into the shadows.

I could feel a sinister smile on the shadow that watched me. I felt a curiosity that was pushing me to pick up my bag and go down there.

After a few moments, the shadow creature finally moved again. Walking under the bridge. Into the dark. Never to be seen again.


Do you think that was the devil or just an illusion caused by the drugs I was on? What do you think would happen to me if I actually went under the bridge with the shadow-creature?

Write your thoughts below)

Scary Story #3: Fire from the Sky

They say Indonesia is home to various good and evil spirits. Some are guardians of the forest while others try to corrupt your soul.

On a late night adventure a local friend, we were motor-biking around searching for a place to stay for the night. We searched for places online, and, at around 3:07 in the morning, we rode to a location on the outskirts of Jogyakarta which claimed to be open.

We pulled up a little road that had an eerie appearance already to it. Shadows flickered and the building we thought we would be staying at was old, depreciated, and surrounded by barbed wire.

Knowing we couldn’t stay here, I whipped out my laptop and began searching for some place else close by. My friend turned on the hot spot on their phone and I was browsing various places we could stay.

During this time, I started to feel more agitated and aggressive. It was strange. While driving to this place, we were cracking jokes and having a good time together. However, in this dark and strange place in the middle of nowhere, my mood changed completely.

I was searching frantically for a place to go but couldn’t find anything nearby and open at this hour. While I searched, my friend wandered the area near by. Then suddenly, she just started screaming.

Jef, Jef! JEF! Let’s go. Let’s get out of here. Hurry!!

She ran past me and stopped halfway down the road with her hands over her ears. I looked up from the bike and saw her shaking then turned my head and saw the bottom of a bush completely on fire.

My friend was no near the spot in the forest where the fire started. I took a single step toward it until my friend screamed, NOOOOO!!!

I quickly packed my computer back in my bag then started up the motorbike. When I drove up to my friend, she quickly latched on and said, Go Jef. Please. We have to get out of here. 


We didn’t talk for a few minutes. We just drove and I looked for a cafe we could go to so we could figure out exactly what happened.

Hey, there was a tree on fire, right?


Did you do that?


Do you know what did?


The girl was almost in tears on the back of the bike.

Jef, there are some things in Indonesia you don’t understand. There are some things here that are good. And, there are some things here that are really bad. What you just saw was one of the worst evils that could ever exist. If we stayed any longer, it could have ruined our lives.


What caused the bush to catch on fire? Why did my friend scream and run away? Are there evil spirits that exist in Indonesia and what would have happened if we stayed?

Write your thoughts below

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