Sleepy New Year

Sleepy New Year

“Are you going out?”

“What do you mean you’re going to sleep? Are you an old man!”

People always have something to say about everything. Whether you listen to them or not, well, that’s up to you. You can choose to be a pinball in the machine, bouncing wildly without a purpose or a goal, racking up points for no real reason then land in a hole to eventually get pulled out and launched in to do the whole damn thing again.

What’s the alternative?


I spent the previous two weeks focused on finding as much work as possible. For me, the 2019 New Year wasn’t a time to celebrate, this is the time to get my life in focus.

By the time the New Year came around, I had absolutely no energy left inside. I was doing the toddler head-bob over a bowl of spaghetti, except, I wasn’t going to let me my face smash into the pasta. I chose to catch up on my sleep.

Waking up, I realized, I’ve entered into the New Year with habits and behaviors that are going to set me up for success for the year. For example, this blog, I hammered it out in a night and I intend to blog daily for the entire 2019.

A post a day to keep insanity away

Seriously. It gets awfully tiresome wielding words in my mind, writing them out in documents then hoarding them in Google Drive folders. This year, I want to share more of my thoughts, more of my writing, and more of my perspective on life.

And, I started this prior to the “official” New Year.

Why wait for a single day to signify the start of some revolution in my body to insta-change my habits and behavior? And, if I listen and follow what other people are telling me to do, will I ever reach my goals before I die?

Well, whatever direction you’re taking your life, this year, next year, or any year, pull the plug on the pin ball machine and put your thoughts and ideas into action, today.

Oh, and definitely don’t forget to get a little sleep.

Jef van de Graaf
Canadian Copywriter & World Traveler
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