Struggles with loneliness

Struggles with Loneliness

My life is incredible. I work, travel, and live in any country I want. However, it’s not always as glamorous as it may seem. That’s why today I’m going to write about my struggles with loneliness.

There are moments during my travels when I am too busy to feel anything but the incredible feelings of what I am experiencing. As I hike mountains, explore new restaurants with new friends, or sit in a coffee shop to finish a project for a client, I’m always on top of the world.

However, when the excitement fades and my real friends travel away, there’s a feeling of loneliness that springs up from time to time.

Truth is, all the people I am meeting are just fleeting experiences. We may capture a moment together, however, they are never a real friend, hanging in there for the long haul. You get “high” together and continue on your separate ways.

For example, yesterday I met a Dutch girl while shopping for a new phone. She introduced herself to me then we started chatting in the store. Our personalities clicked and next thing were doing is sitting in a coffee shop enjoying breakfast together.

We share little stories about who we are, what interests us, and other things about our personal lives. Yet, at the end of it all, we were just a couple of strangers sharing a moment in time and that was all.

When we said goodbye, I felt exhausted.

I was exhausted at having all these surface level conversations with people. It’s almost a daily occurrence.

From time to time, some of these collisions with random people turn into a deeper, more incredible relationship that nothing in the world can replace.

It doesn’t happen often, but it happens.

Back when I first started traveling, I had a bicycle with me. Oddly enough, that steel stallion became the closest companion in the world. For years, we would rough it over the harshest terrain, in the most insane weather conditions. We’d find the most remote and random places to crash for the night and wake up each morning ready to tackle the next day’s challenge.

This may seem strange, but I’ve never had a more closer friend than that bicycle. In a world of strangers and motives unknown, its funny how an object can fill the void.

However, I should admit, I did try to take my relationship further with my bicycle.

It was a dewy summer’s day, in the cool autumn air of South Korea. I was have a serious struggle with loneliness when I invited my bike to sleep with me for the night.

It wasn’t easy getting the thing in the tent and I completely gave up spooning with it inside my sleeping bag.

After a short, 1.4 minute make out session, the clothes were off.

I was desperate, okay?

Anyway, I really thought we could make things work. I was getting poked in places I’ve never been poked before. However, I had to call it quits when the chain nearly castrated me.

You can see the how impacting the depths of loneliness can be? Can’t you?

Ah, this is an embarrassing story to share. I’m just going to end it here and pretend this was never published.

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Jef van de Graaf
Canadian Copywriter & World Traveler
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