Thank you (100 reads)

Thank you 100

Dear readers,

Whoever you are, wherever you’re from — thank you.

Thank you for taking a moment out of my day to read my thoughts, feelings, and experiences about life.

In case you didn’t know, I’m going to be dedicating this entire year to posting a post a day. I may not always post it on time. I’m a traveling man with limited access to WiFi. However, I will have something to release so you can read daily or stop by whenever you have the time or when something interesting catches your eye.

I know I just got started. However, I’m already so grateful to know that some people still read in this media busy world.

It’s easy to jump on YouTube, pick a video, and get entertained for hours before you realize you wasted half your day.

Reading is non-instant entertainment; reading is time-consuming; and, reading is a commitment to the mind.

So, on that note, I just want to encourage you to encourage me to keep on writing.

“But, how?” you ask.


Let me know what you would enjoy learning about. What kind of stories do you want to read? Or, just reach out and share your feedback about the blog I have started so far.

Before I wrap this up, there are two important people I have to explicitly say thank you to:


“I have just finished reading your latest blog post. I’m sending you my biggest hug for your high school self!

Please please please do keep inspiring people and tell stories. I am so looking forward for more.

Well done, Jef.”

You were my online student while I was teaching in Japan. You’ve got a passion for learning and a love for reading. You patiently requested my blog time and time again. I’m so grateful to have your constant encouragement and support. Thank you!


“I read your blog and I love it. You can always provide an impressive perspective that I never think. Please write your blog more often.  

If I listen and follow what other people are telling me to do, will I ever reach my goals before I die?

I like that quote. That is what I think every time I make a decision.”

You’re a fellow writer who is far more accomplished than I will ever be (2 books published and many more coming, keep ’em coming!). You keep a constant flow of much-needed comments and criticism. You always have a unique. You’ve been pushing and excitedly waiting for me to publish my own book for some time. Thank you.

Well, that’s all I wanted to write about today. Please take a moment to motivate me to answer your questions, writing silly things on topics you love, and more.

Thank you for reading.

Jef van de Graaf
Canadian Copywriter & World Traveler
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