Top Picks

This page contains my top picks for books, speeches, influencers and more. Whatever you find on these lists, it’s safe to assume that I recommend it or found it to be beneficial for my life.

Best Books – Welcome to my personal reading list of some of the best books on a variety of topics such as best personal development books, best business books, and best non-fiction books.

Great Speeches – This is my collection of great speeches which offer insightful and inspiring perspective on business, life, and spirituality.

Top Influencers – I have always believed that we must choose our leaders carefully. The people we choose to influence our lives have a powerful impact on our thoughts and future actions. Here’s my list of my top influencers that keep my aligned while pursuing my goals.

Ultimate Travel Guide – Here you’ll find a complete list of all my travel gear along with detailed tips as to how I travel the world with either bicycle bags or a single backpack.