Want More Money?

Want more money

If you want more money, go get more money. It’s simple.

“Jef, no! It’s not so simple. I’ve tried EVERYTHING and I’m still broke…”

You damn right you’re broke. Often, the great divide between having money, or not, is the attitude you possess.

Let me give you an example.

Indonesia. It’s a beautiful country due to the people have some of the most friendliest and generous personalities on this planet.

However, there are two categories of people in this lovely little country.

There are those who are humble and happy.


There are those who are miserable and broke.

Those who are humble and happy seem to get by just fine with whatever G-d intended them to have.

They go above and beyond, share whatever worldly possessions with you, and, if they have nothing, they’ll become a loyal companion ready to fight demons and dragons until you or they die.

Next, those who are miserable and broke, well, it’s a total shame.

They spend so much of their time sulking about their lack-there-of that they forget about all the wonders that surround them every day.

These folk will meet you and instead of practicing their English, like they usually try to do, they’ll focus on your financial standing and pick apart your status.

“How much did your laptop cost?”

“How much money do you make?”

“How much do you spend each month?”

I don’t know if they’re doing this out of jealousy, stupidity, or soon-to-be robbery, but gosh-darn shame.

Material wealth just an illusion. We build it up with our mental delusions.

O.K., I feel bad.

I narrowed in on a majestic group of people and used my long, lanky finger to point them out.

Let’s turn it toward another direction and point it directly at you. Yes. You!

There are people all around the world who struggle, heck, even I had a hard time cycling up a some of the mountains in Japan. It was rough.

Anyway, it’s the complainers and the greed-hungry monsters that seem unable to satisfy their souls.

Control your desire.

Huge side-track.

What I wanted to write about was this:

If you want to make money. Find a problem. If you can fix that problem or alleviate the causes, you will be able to ask or get paid money to do it.

You could be a trickster and make people believe they have problems that they don’t and prey on their vulnerabilities.

Or, you could literally blow shit up and go in a offer to repair it for a nominal fee the next day.


Learn a skill.

When you have a skill that solves, alleviates, or reduces, people’s problems or a skill that improves, enhances, or upgrades people’s lives – you’ll get money.

Become a writer.

Try going door-to-door selling vacuums or window cleaners.

Take pictures of sexy women (with their consent) and sell them online.

Design original digital art.

And so on.

Each of these “jobs” depends on a skill that’s been crafted and perfected over time.

The writer spends hours working with words.

The door-to-door salesperson spends hours working their pitch.

The photographer spends hours working with aesthetics.

The artists spends hours working with mediums.

Do you get it?

The more you hone a skill, to the point of perfection, there’s really no limit to how much money you can earn. How is this possible?

Because this is your skill. You control how much or how little you give to the world.

And, if you don’t want to do that. Well, fuck me. Try McDonald’s or Starbucks – they always need bodies to stand at a till and take people’s cash.

Jef van de Graaf
Canadian Copywriter & World Traveler
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P.S. To all my Indonesian readers… Your happiness and humble nature has me coming back for more. See y’all in March!

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