What should I do?

What should I do

Yesterday, I had a conversation on Instagram with a good friend from Indonesia. It started as “Where can I rent a bike for a week?” and took a turn with him asking, “What should I do?”.

This is the story behind that question.

When I was living in Purworejo, Indonesia, a small town on the outskirts of Yogyakarta, I met a lot of incredible people.

I spent almost every day sitting in a cafe called Cozy Coffee and steadily worked on my business and client projects.

This was during a time when I was absolutely broke. I literally had just a couple hundred dollars in my bank account and I was eagerly trying to pick myself up off my feet.

Anyway, I’m returning to Indonesia soon and planning on living in Yogyakarta for a couple months before moving to Bali for a while.

I asked my friend if he knew anyone who could hook me up with a motorbike for a week.

The IG Conversation

“…it’s costly.”

“How much? 500k per day?”

“No. 1 Week. Still, it’s negotiable.”

“Good to know. What’s the lowest you think I can get?”

“About 300k. Maybe. It’s in that range.”

“That’d be alright.”

“But I can’t promise anything since they’re just a friend of my friend. But, I’ll try.”

“No worries. I know how this stuff goes.”

“It’ll be like 42k for a day.”

“Let’s see what happens ­čśť. Hey — you still working at that restaurant?”

“Yeah, for now. Just need the experience. But still, it’s the job is shit. Hahaha…”

This was the moment our conversation took a dive for the deep.

“Steve Jobs had no experience and his company now controls the world’s minds! You just have to be a ruthless money-making monster ­čśé.”

“Nah. It’s kinda silly but, making Karma is first, especially good Karma, then money will follow.”

“Karma? Rules of Karma are hard to define. One day, you help an old lady cross the street. The next day, you step on a cockroach crossing the same street. How does Karma calculate what should be returned? ­čśť”

“Yeah, I know it’s gonna be a very loooooong progress using Karma. And, that’s the one thing I don’t really know.”

“Study nature. Nature reveals the world’s truth.”

“Yeah, but sometimes, people can’t handle the truth. But, for you, who is always living in a state of ‘all or nothing’ conditions, it takes guts to live that way, right?”

“Well, truth is the fundamental part of my character. Without that, I wouldn’t enjoy the life I have today. I mean, how do you build a life on lies, manipulation, and self-deception? I refuse to do that to myself and corrupt my soul.”

“So… what should I do?”

Practical Steps to Change Your Life

The answer to that question, or at least my answer, was:

“I can’t tell you what to do. You’re not my puppet and I don’t want to have my hand up your poopy ass.”

As our conversation continued, we touched on a few key points that anyone, including you, can do to make a change to your life.

I don’t know what kind of change you’re trying to achieve. It could be to earn more money, live a healthier life, travel more frequently (which requires more money), or to be happy and live in harmony.

Whatever it is, here are a few simple steps you can follow (if you choose to):

  1. Identify your struggles and write them out as a list. Rank them from most difficult to overcome to “I can overcome this in a week”.
  2. Create a goal. Define what your future (ideal) self should be. What will you do? How will you get there? How long will it take? Think about this then move to the next step.
  3. Define your milestones. What steps do you have to take to achieve your goal? What can you start doing today to get you to that point tomorrow (hypothetically speaking)?
  4. Follow your instructions. Only you can instruct yourself to achieve your goal. What do you have to do to accomplish your milestones? What struggles might prevent you from achieving them? Start adding actionable instructions so you can take as many steps forward toward achieving your goal.

    (i.e. TRIGGER: When my boss is a dick I feel depressed and miserable all day. SOLUTION: When my boss is a dick I’ll nod my head agreeable yet keep my mind focused on my personal needs. I won’t be here forever because every day I am working on my goal.)
  5. Review your success. When you reach the date you set to achieve your goal, take a moment to review your success. How many milestones did you achieve? What prevented you from achieving them? What were your best moments?

Free Download – Milestone Map (PDF)

Let’s make this easier on you.

If you’re serious about making a change in your life, I’ve put together this Milestone┬áMap to help you work toward your goal. Just one goal. Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to be the rules of the world (if you do that and do horrible things, I’m not responsible, deal?).

So, ask yourself “what should I do?” and go through the Milestone Map to carve a future to a new and improve you. Good luck!

Jef van de Graaf
Canadian Copywriter & World Traveler
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