Harassed in China

Harassed in China

This doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, it so damn annoying.

For those with soft skin and lack of inner-balance, you’ll probably believe you’re being harassed each and every day in China. There are always people staring and pointing fingers at you as pass them by. Especially the children, they’re the worst of them all.

Now, those with thick skin won’t be bothered by the eyes prying into your day-to-day living. However, this incidence caught me off guard and could have been the reason why I’d go to jail here in China.

If you’re going to be “officially” harassed in China, it will be from a local drunkard or freak with a fetish for foreigners.

Story time…

So, I was walking down the street, not very far form my apartment, to get a chicken burger at a nearby restaurant. I crave these things from time to time and they’re the closest things I can taste that resembles food from Canada.

Anyway, as I was walking down the street, some drunkard was screaming incoherently in front of a traditional Chinese style restaurant. I say “incoherent” not because I don’t understand any Chinese (which I don’t) but because the man really was a confusing mess.

While passing, the drunken Chinese lunatic began screaming one word I am very familiar with: wài guó rén (外国人).

“Wài guó rén!?”

Wài guó rén!!

The drunken Chinese lunatic walked directly in front of me, deliberately blocking my route to the friend chicken sandwich restaurant. I made a quick move which would have made any American football couch proud. However, the drunken Chinese lunatic still had some trick up his sleeves.

“Wài guó rén!?”

Wài guó rén!!

His screaming was incessantly annoying and this time, instead of blocking my path, he starts reaching out and half-grabbing, half-groping my arms latches on to me.

“Wài guó rén!?”

Wài guó rén!!

I pause for a moment. I inhale the fumes of toxic filth coming out of the drunken Chinese lunatic’s mouth. Then, I throw my hands up in the air and give a little push which detaches the leech from my arm.

Wài guó rén!!

“Wài guó rén!!”

The drunken Chinese lunatic went berserk for a few seconds. His hands kept reaching out trying to snatch hold of me again while I pulled out every move from every football playbook ever written.

I dodged left. Served right. Spun twice. Back flipped. Double cartwheel.


Truth about China

I wonder if sharing a story like this will make you believe that all Chinese people are drunken lunatics. They aren’t. 

You’ll definitely here a lot of people whisper and murmur wài guó rén.

Getting harassed in China is definitely not a common theme here. Not like Japan, where the children will deliberately stick their fingers up your ass while the school teachers laugh and giggle and encourage this behavior. China is, well, it’s China!

Imagine if an alien appeared in your country. Walking around with blue skin and crystal eyes. Would you point and stare and say things too?

Anyway, the moral of this story is, anyone tries to grab you in a not-so-casual kind of way just practice your football footwork and, worst-case-scenario, you kick the prick in the balls and runaway. Solved!

Jef van de Graaf
Canadian Copywriter & World Traveler
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