Hanoi Nightlife

Hanoi Nightlife

Come to the capital of Vietnam and your few days of exploring could turn into a couple of weeks or maybe even an entire lifetime of fun. Today, I’m going to share a glimpse of the Hanoi nightlife, which is something that’ll keep you coming back for more!

First order of business: whether you’re in Hanoi right now or planning a trip in the near future, you may want to brush up on the local laws.

While the city itself is pretty chill, there are a few things to watch out for. For example, prostitution is real and phone snatchers are a sad reality.

O.K., no more parent talk. Let’s get to the party!

Tống Duy Tân

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This little street is one of the local hubs for tourists to eat, sleep, and drink when visiting Hanoi. Surrounded by food stalls, cheap hostels, 24-hour pubs, you should check out this street at least once.

Go check out Puku Sports Bar to grab a drink, chill with friends, or grab some decent food. They’re open all night and it’s a trusted go-to for a nightcap.

However, this isn’t the prime spot where the Hanoi nightlife thrives. For that, you have to go to…

Tạ Hiện (Old Quarter)

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This the place to go if you’re looking to party until the early hours: Ta Hiện.

The moment you arrive, you’ll be man-handled by all the hustlers standing outside the street. They’ll be tempting you with happy-ending massages, a list of local drugs, and more massage offers.

If that’s your thing, welcome to heaven. If it’s not, you better tread carefully through hell.

Anyway, for some of the best places for a pint of beer at 30 000 VND to 60 000 VND each ($1.72 to $3.44 CAD), I would recommend any of these places:

  1. Beer Corner — This is a hot spot for tourists. You can mix and mingle and have a good time.
  2. Local — As the name suggests, you can come meet (or try to hookup) with the locals. I tried it. Got rejected. Walked home with my tail between my legs (but, I’m sure your game is much better than mine).
  3. 1900 Club — Here’s a club you can shake your ass until 2 am. You can blow your brains out on balloons. And, yeah. It’s a club. You know what goes down.
  4. Hangover Bar — Just as the name implies, go here, drink steadily for a few hours, and you’ll wake up not feeling surprised about the hammers bashing the inside of your head.
  5. Do you have a bar recommendation? — Shoot me an email with you favorite place to enjoy the Hanoi nightlife (that means you’ll get featured on this blog, hurrah!).

Hoàn Kiếm Lake

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Looking for something a little more low-key? Go to Hoàn Kiếm Lake, stop by a Circle K, stock up your pockets with beer (small cans cost around 20 000 VND each — that’s $1.15 CAD per beer), and grab a spot around the lake to enjoy them.

There are a few bars in the area, but if you can sit outside to enjoy the nice weather, why not?

Hanoi Night Market

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I know drinking and clubbing may not be for everyone, so I’ll wrap this up with a cool place to walk around at night.

The Hanoi Night Market stretches all along Hàng Ngang street and it is filled with knock off name brands you might want to buy.

From North Fake to Poocci you can get your materialistic cravings met for just a few bucks.

The Hanoi nightlife has something for everyone. You can also find plenty of cafes where you can sit back, sip on the strongest coffee of your life, and watch the crazy traffic pass you by.

Whatever you do, wherever you go, be safe, have fun, and wear protection (yup, back to the parent talk again, sorry).

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